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"Sound quality: I'll cut to it. This system unquestionably raises the bar for an all-in-one box system, and all sound considered, the DRAGON is the new king in the space. So again; big sound picture, total sound package. The combination of fidelity, detail, power, fundamentals, integrity, it's unmatched."
"When getting to know a system, I often pull out my Blade Runner 2049 Dolby Atmos Blu Ray. Right out of the gate, while the Warner Brothers logo was still spinning around, it gave me a bang I was not physically prepared for. It shook the censored* out of me in a good way."
"The next thing you'll notice is how full the sound is: it's a loaded potato, a feast, the full flavor palette. If you have seven of these AMT tweeters, you need a proper counterweight; and well, amongst the 18 woofers and four subs, the DRAGON succeeds. Just an unmatched amount of that satisfying fill and resonance that gives the engine revs heart racing energy, grunt and satisfaction; the cavernous spaces their tremendous volume; the helicopter blades, their kinetic contoured massaging thump."
"My feelings about the subs: well they largely disappear, because I mostly heard them as graceful extensions to the main unit. The cooperation is quite strong, successfully continuing that satisfying fullness to the lower registers. My take is that I don't want to think about the bass units that much because it's usually caused by the bass playing an ill-fitting solo, bringing too much attention to itself in an unflattering manner. But when called on, in the context of a movie...they delivered a deep, responsive, focused resonance that mercifully did not evolve into an undifferentiated, sloppy floppy mess."
“Dialog: I don't think I've heard such intelligible speech while maintaining what I want to call full sound integrity - with a generous dose of lower mids and bass resonance, which with lesser systems would likely lead to muddiness. The dialog performance really contributed to a convincing high-end theater cinematic experience."
"Three-dimensional audio performance was quite good even in my technically completely unoptimized listening space. I had no issue identifying sounds as height effects and tracking them between front and rear. The DRAGON gives you an elevated 3D audio experience and you will hear sounds coming from many different directions."
"When I first heard about the DRAGON, I was excited but had this giant knot in my stomach that it was going to be just an unrelenting dose of brawn. That worry, and I was so delighted, did not play out. This system has grace, warmth and tenderness when it's called for. It has tremendous range which is kind of low-key, its greatest strength."
"Music: The good news continues. I typically conditionalize my statements like this system complements this genre more, due to various compromises and coloring blah blah blah. Not here. Every genre was given its due."
"The DRAGON often won me over, sounding irresistibly clean with sparkling top hat beats and affectations, full-bodied vocals; all balanced with a responsive yet deep, contoured and tight bass response. I particularly enjoyed the track Young Guns featuring John Bbellan by Tory Kelly. How it matures from sparing to intricate, the disciplined yet artful use of vocal ornamentation, overlaid on an innocent relatable emotion; which was refreshing."

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Vs. KEF: Like a High End Reference System

But on firing up DRAGON the observation was the main overall sound quality, depth and precision of its sound stage is of outstanding quality. (Almost pin point accuracy which is excellent for horror). I feel that the sound is punching is way above what it reports to be, it carries jazz, classical brass and horn sections with an ease like a high end reference system, which was like a high end Kef system i heard years ago....

Vs. Traditional Soundbars: Effortlessly Clear Sound and Clean Powerful Bass

What I noticed that set the dragon apart was that it played everything so effortlessly and I can hear little nuances in the demos that I could never hear before. Every gunshot or door knock in a scary movie I could feel it which I could not say about any other soundbar system. It&the apos;s clean powerful bass not boomy messy bass that a lot of lower end bars come with. If you are looking for a system to do it a cleaner way and give you the little nuances that you didn't even know you were missing, give you fidelity you did not know you even wanted and bass that you can feel inside of you (smaller room), the dragon is it and beats them all by a far margin....

Vs. Denon 4300CI AVR: Everything I Was Looking For

I played the same scence with my daughter and my wife – they have not watched this movie, both of them literally jumped from their seats with the grave bombing and both of them said that their hearts were beating very fast after the scene. My daughter said that she would from now on have to steel herself to watch movies. She also commented how clear the sounds were compared to the theaters where the trend is to play loud and muddy. She also said this was going to get some getting used to. She is in 10th grade FYI....

Vs. Sonos, Samsung Q990C: There Is No Going Back

Vs. Sonos, Samsung Q990C: There Is No Going Back1Vs. Sonos, Samsung Q990C: There Is No Going Back2

Update post 2 months of use: I absolutely love the sound I am getting out of the Dragon, even more so since the last firmware update. I regularly watch content in the evening with the volume around 15-16 and get more bass now at this lower level than before....

More Than A System - It's an Experience!

More Than A System - It's an Experience!1More Than A System - It's an Experience!2More Than A System - It's an Experience!3

All I have to say this system smokes and I mean it, smokes every single thing on the market. Nakamichi has left me speechless. PS I am not new to audio gear I have been at this hobby since the early 70'...

Even My Family Was Impressed!

I bought Oppenheimer on 4k UHD disc with Dolby Atmos but haven't watched it yet. My wife isn't interested, and I'll have to wait until one day when everyone is at work so l can "fully" enjoy it! On another note, we watched Blue Beetle last night on the TV's native MAX app. Sound was Dolby Atmos MAT and has been the best Atmos I've heard so far. There are a lot of Atmos "fly bys" and such that are great but the BEST Atmos scene for us was when the bad folks are in a helicopter at a high hover over the Blue Beetle's family's home. With all six height speakers firing it really sounds like the sound is directly above. FINALLY! Even my wife and daughters were impressed with THAT! I just kept saying, "See? See? THAT's Dolby Atmos!"...

Vs. Klipsch AVR: A High-end Powerhouse System

Absolutely the best experience you can have. This system can be installed in any room and immediately provide an ultimate experience. As many others have mentioned the clarity of the dragon is 2nd to none. This is pretty much what Nakamichi has advertised it as an "Enthusiast Home Surround System" That offers very simple ease of use and puts a powerhouse high end system in the hands of any consumer. I think it's a waste of time comparing the Dragon to any current "sound bar" as they do not and cannot compete...

Vs. AVR: Immersive Height and Accurate Bass

I've had 2 out the box dvd/surround systems from Panasonic, 5.1 and the other was a 5.1 Sony surround. I've also had mix and match of 7.1 denon receiver and Yamaha adventage 5.1.2 with with klipsch quintet 4 and 5 and Klipsch icon towers and surround. So I would say that the Dragon is great for the Dolby Atmos in comparison and you don't need ceiling speakers.....

Vs. Denon 2311 AVR: Sonic Bliss in a Box

Conclusion: I have had 4 days to get a good feel for the Dragon, and the Dragon delivers sonic bliss in a box. Effortless, detailed, balanced and immersive sound is what you get with the Dragon. It is in a class of its own and deserving of the Dragon moniker. I believe the Dragon is worth every penny, and anyone who purchases this soundbar system is in for an audiophile experience if they are willing to invest the time in proper set up and making sure the settings are always correct for the content being played. You have to be willing to tweak and play around with all of the multitude of options to make the Dragon soar. When set properly, I don't think the Dragon can be easily matched. Those are my early impressions, take it or leave it but I have been absolutely satisfied with my purchase and will update with more specifics when I have more time under my belt and more firmware updates are rolled out....

Beyond All Expectations

I have had my Dragon for a month now and it has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I have yet to really find any fault in it. I wanted a one size fits all thats simple to use. It was also important to be easy to move as there is a decent chance we will be moving in the next few years. I wanted all this and Quality was even more important… I wanted it to sound good…LOUD and rival actual movie theaters! Well they have done all that and what I thought possible has had its bar raised by the Dragon. I have no desire to even look to upgrade as I know I would be disappointed! I am a proud Dragoneer!...

Vs. Bose, Samsung Q990C: A Choice You Won't Regret

Before learning about the Dragon, I replaced my Bose Soundtouch 300 with the Samsung Q990c. Dragon crossed the Pacific and the US to the East Coast, the conditions impressive. It was easy to set up and had a far better setup/install experience than the Bose or Q990c. The interface of the app and the on-screen display accommodate my vision limitation as far as the LED display on the bar; it is good, too. When the Dragon was powered on and the demo played, it shook my place; the lights were blinking. I put the box in the recycling bin!...

Redefining The Home Theatre Experience

My living room is quite huge like (22/22 length / ceiling height). Noow the dragon 🐉 woke up cant express in words. Now my huge living room turned into a 🎦 theater. It shakes my 1st floor at volume 🔊 20 if I stream any dolby content movies 🎬 from any streaming (Netflix/Disney). It's the best and worth of each penny. Hats off to the great minds behind this development of beast of sound 📢. For those who are still waiting on dragon 1 watching "Godzillla-King of Monsters B" on Netflixis bliss. I change the title after watching. Dragon - King of AVR/Soundbars...

Vs. Sonos, AVR: Like Day and Night

Better than the Sonos in every way and better than a lot of dedicated AVR systems. The clarity over the Sonos is night and day. You can never get the front sound stage of dedicated speakers up front but the dragon is so encompassing with sound coming from every direction. The dragon has definite channel separation where you can hear things coming from different locations on the bar if the scene is meant to be played that way....

Reigniting Old Flames

Wow. I haven't watched 2001 A Space Odyssey in a long time. Wanted to watch the remastered version because of the Dragon. I also have a LG OLED. The combination of the two made it like watching the movie for the first time all over again. The black screen in the opening was totally black. The intro music was amazing. The cinematography takes on a whole new feel, better than I remember. But then again I don't think I ever had the privilege of seeing this movie in the theater. Wow. Wow. Wow. I like the bass to hit when it is needed, not all the time. Some folks like heavy bass all the time, for me it is more of a surprise. When it hits, it hits hard and I notice it. Was watching 6 Underground tonight and when the ship was magnetized, you felt it....

Vs. Klipsch Reference: Bass You Can Feel

This is the 1st system that I've actually had to turn the center channel down because the dialog is so clear and I watch it at higher volume than most (20-30). Every system (mostly AVR) I've owned in the past, I always turned the center channel up (usually near max to attempt to get better dialog). I've never heard any system that is as clear as the Dragon. The subs are vibrating all kinds of crap in my house, light fixtures, cabinets, water cooler, and my neighbors hear it all the time (I'm in a pretty well insulated townhome). It's 4 8" (250 watt each) subs and with the latest firmware you can really crank them up compared to everything else. Most of us that had traditional AVR systems would say the dragon is better in every way, but if you had a high end system with ceiling mounted speakers then probably not. It's much better (clearer, louder, more immersive) than my last AVR which was Klipsch Reference....

Vs. Samsung Q70R: An Exponential Step Up

My Dragon finally arrived today! Dang-was that box heavy! It was quick & easy to set it set up...The Atmos surround effects bubble was incredibly noticeable with the Soundbar's & Rear surround's up firing speakers. The Dragon can definitely get Ioud (I took it up to 35 on volume), and the subs hinted at what they may be capable of with proper speaker placement & settings adjustments. The Dragon is definitely a exponential step up from my previous Samsung HW-Q70R Soundbar. I'm looking forward to playing around with speaker placement & tweaking the settings and listening to a few Dolby Atmos Blue-ray discs to see what the Dragon is truly capable of....

Vs. AVR: Best of the Best

This is the system I always dreamed of when buying these top of the line systems. This is the best of the best. Period. It is knocking on the door and passing a lot of AVR systems. I won't get into the weeds, I will just say you will not be disappointed. I have gone through so many top of the line at home theater systems and been disappointed at varying levels. The Dragon is the only one I have not found a flaw or weakness in yet. It is so clear it makes everything and I mean literally everything else pale in comparison....

Vs. Sennheiser Ambeo, Sonos: Bass You Can Feel

Exceeded expectations in every way! It has this way of making you feel cozy compared to other sound systems i have experienced ( ambeo/ sonos ) It doesn't make your ears bleed (unless of course you increase the volume) or make you feel exhausted bt wanting to listen more. I specially liked listening instrumental music ( clarity of the music is phenomenal) ( all stereo music ) ( vol level 10 - max 16). Also noticed significant changes in bass response after the firmware update Money well spent on this ! If you love music and if you can afford this you will not regret this decision!...

Full Scenic Immersion

Well just threw on Black Hawk Down for this evening. Unfortunately the kids are sleeping in their rooms behind me so have to listen at low volume (8) excited to see how it sounds. Also, was watching honey I shrunk the kids via disney via shield pro. I would put this up there for the ceiling affects, specifically the scene were the kids are running through the grass and the sprinklers are turned on. Even at low volume and in my ****ty room for this system, I definitely could "hear&quots; the drops falling from the ceiling. Would have loved to hear it at a louder volume and through a 4k disc as opposed to the shield. Still it was very impressive in this scene....

All-in-one Excellence

There is no soundbar I've ever heard that I would even waste time comparing to the Dragon. This system exceeds my last AVR system (Klipsche Reference DTS, THX Dolbt Digital 5.1 but not Atmos with various receivers (Denon, and Onkyo)). The immersive effects when watching Atmos or DTS are like night and day from the 9.2.4, the loudness and clarity are also beyond comparison. I've tested about 20 movies (not all of them just the good parts) and my music (EDM hardstyle) just rocks the house down....

One of the Best in the Hi-Fi World

One of the Best in the Hi-Fi World1One of the Best in the Hi-Fi World2One of the Best in the Hi-Fi World3One of the Best in the Hi-Fi World4

The immersive effects when watching Atmos or DTS are like night and day from the 9.2.4, the loudness and clarity are also beyond comparison. I've tested about 20 movies (not all of them just the good parts) and my music (EDM hardstyle) just rocks the house down....

Vs. Sony HT-A9: It Slays

My $.02 I come from the Sony HT-A9 system. Which was enjoyable and decent. I'm an audio engineer by trade and enjoyed the A9 fun flare for movies and gaming. But I wasn't 100% set on the dialogue in the center channel. Plus I was so frustrated by constantly having to recalibrate my system. A lot of times when showcasing it in front of friends!! Lame. Though the Sony (SW5) sub rocks… It's just 1 sub. Had no idea what I was missing out on. But after just scratching the surface of tweeking…Like- barely any tweeking. It Effin Slays🤟🏻 I 100% feel like I have a home theater now. The Dragon f*cking rocks!...

Vs. LG SK8YG: There's No Contest

Vs. LG SK8YG: There's No Contest1

I previously had a LG SK8YG Soundbar (5.1.2) and Dragon is on another level. It's not even a contest. I am constantly amazed by the sound quality of the system. The surrounds sound excellent and are perfectly matched to the rest of the system. The sound this monster produces is so crystal clear - it's really unbelievable! I can't describe how great the Dragon is for dialogue in movies, but also vocals in music. I listened to a lot of Spatial Audio/Atmos music via an Apple TV 4K and it was like listening to some songs again for the first time....

Vs. AVR: Holds Its Own

Vs. AVR: Holds Its Own1

Very impressed with how much better the Dragon sounds than my previous HT-A9, and extremely happy to be able to connect my turntable and regain access to my collection of SACDs and DVDAs (A9 didn't have the DRM for those)....

Vs. Sonos: All-Encompassing AVR Replacement

Vs. Sonos: All-Encompassing AVR Replacement1Vs. Sonos: All-Encompassing AVR Replacement2

Dragon wants to be played loudly and when you do it is all encompassing. You will hear sound from overhead, from the from the side walls, rears. You will be be consumed....

Vs. Sennheiser Ambeo: In a League of its Own

Vs. Sennheiser Ambeo: In a League of its Own1

Before purchasing the dragon I owned a sennheiser ambeo sound bar and that doesn't come close to the dragon. The dragon is in a league of its own....

Vs. Sonos: Doesn't Come Close

had the full-blown Sonos system. Arc, two 3rd gen subs and two Fives as surround speakers (l even replaced the Fives with the Era 300s when the Era came out). The Sonos is a great system, but...

Vs. Sony HT-A9, Samsung Q990C: Blowing them out of the water

As recommended by nakamichi in the starter guide I played rolling in the deep by Adele. This is a stereo track so I went ahead and engaged all channel stereo and again. I could not believe what I was hearing. The song was fully utilizing all of dragons speakers and my oh my did this mode deliver. Instruments were vibrant, vocals were clear, and bass was detailed and packed a real punch throughout... So far I must say this system is delivering and nothing I have heard Sonos arc, q990b, Ht-a9 can match the spatial bubble, clarity, or power that the dragon has....

Chicken Soup for Your Ears and Soul

I have nothing to compare it to regarding the Atmos. The sound is just crisp and clear. It filled the entire room. I'm really impressed. I also popped in Transformers and the first 20 minutes or so. There is a scene where the glass shatters, it was just amazing how the dragon handles that scene. My son tested spotify with a bunch of songs, at different volumes and settings and he liked Music 2. He said the Dragon didn't disappoint him, he was really impressed. hes 23 years old and not much impresses this kid. Overall, I am more than happy with what I paid and with what they delivered. It's like chicken soup for your ears and into your soul.I am picky with sounds. I came from a JBL 9.1 and I enjoyed it very much. But as we all did, we just fell in love with Dragon and here we are today....

Vs. AVR: On Par with it

Once you have the Dragon in your room and dialed in the calibrations, you will conclude it was worth it. I have been an AVR user, always felt soundbars would never be able to do what an AVR does.But i have never had the funds or the room config for a true surround sound setup. The best I achieved was a 5.2.2, going with Front Height instead of Rear Surround/Side Surround because 1. they were out of the way up on a wall instead of on a stand on either side of the couch and 2. felt I would get some ATMOS height sounds from that configuration. I also knew with vaulted ceilings and the open concept "great room", it would be a challenge and costly to bump up to a 11 channel AVR, 6 speakers in the ceiling and bringing those front heights down to be rear side surrounds....

Vs. Enclave Audio CineHome PRO

Vs. Enclave Audio CineHome PRO1Vs. Enclave Audio CineHome PRO2Vs. Enclave Audio CineHome PRO3

Straight out of box configs... wow .. wow... and more wow. It blows my enclave pro with wisa tech out of the water....

Vs. JBL 9.1: A Solid All-Rounder

I am picky with sounds. I came from a JBL 9.1 and I enjoyed it very much. But as we all did, we just fell in love with Dragon and here we are today. The mids and highs are crips. Like really good. It's almost as if your ears have to get used to hearing this type of clarity. In our car or when using my nice headphones, I miss the Nakamichi when I'm away from it when it comes to music....

Vs. AVR: Sounds better than any AVR I owned

Mainly this system sounds better than anything I have had and basically saved me 5k for the system I was putting together before I found out this existed. One of the biggest items that hit me after removing my entire previous AV system setup is the amount of complexity I have shed from my life with the all wireless solution. 10 Speakers gone, 100 lbs of wiring, Receiver, etc. Also my system never really performed in my specific environment as I thought it should, while the Dragon seems to sound better with barely 30min of setup time....

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