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Overall: "DRAGON is an enthusiast's rig…between the fidelity, the bass control, the more refined top end and the open natural mid-range, it just delivers more aspects of audio quality that I think audiophiles are looking for."
Overall: "If that next level sound quality is what you desire and you're down to pay for it, the DRAGON delivers."
Atmos & Power: "I found it did a great job with Atmos effects even when ceiling reflection wasn't possible oh and…the DRAGON can just get bonkers loud without distortion. It is a notably more powerful system than the Sonos."
Control: "It's got a lot of playback and listening options, it has granular controls; it's basically the closest to an AVR and speaker system in that regard that we've seen from a one box home theater."
Audio Fidelity: "DRAGON just sounds effortless and easy compared to the Sonos system I think this is most obvious in the treble region… DRAGON is just smoother, more natural, more realistic."
Music: "I prefer the DRAGON by a fairly wide margin, have a listen yourself. The DRAGON just offers better stereo separation and more natural fidelity and there are more options in how you listen… you get tons of detail and texture but it's never too aggressive."
Movies: "DRAGON is actually able to pull off a deeper sound field behind you and the fidelity of those movie tracks is to my taste, superior to that of the Sonos."

What Do Experts Say?

What Do Owners Say?

"The Sonos is a great system, but does not come close to the sound clarity, the sub sound quality, and and the surround speakers on the Dragon."


"Before purchasing the dragon I owned a sennheiser ambeo sound bar and that doesn't come close to the dragon. The dragon is in a league of its own."

J.B. Williams

"Dragon wants to be played loudly and when you do it is all encompassing. You will hear sound from overhead, from the side walls, rears, all around."


"Water effects towards the end truly felt like they were splashing off the ceiling and completely engulfing the sides of me when Moses split the sea in two."


"My demo sounded good right out of the box. The jet taking off and flying overhead was crazy! I've found so far most of my listening has been at 10 or less."


"Very impressed with how much better the Dragon sounds than my previous HT-A9, and extremely happy to be able to connect my turntable and regain access to my collection of SACDs and DVDAs."


"I would say that it (DRAGON) is as good as a good AVR system and I can`'t really say it is better, but I will explain."

B. Larson

"Coming from the Sony HT-A9, I'll say the things I have been happiest with so far are 1 much better overhead effects…"

C. Thomas

"All I can say is FANTASTIC. I'm watching the opening scene from Unbroken. The Dragon surpasses my 9.2.4 Shockwafe and I've done no calibrations."

J. Pope

"I previously had a LG SK8YG Soundbar (5.1.2) and Dragon is on another level. It's not even a contest. I am constantly amazed by the sound quality of the system."


"Amazing! Out of the box I thought it was ok, but set it to custom with all your distances and save that instead of a preset and the soundstage opens up into something amazing."


"It sounds amazing to me. I played 6 underground from Netflix and felt like I was in a theater."

D. Blair

"But after just scratching the surface of tweeking…Like- barely any tweeking. It Effin Slays 🤟🏻 I 100% feel like I have a home theater now. The Dragon f*cking rocks!"

J. J. Svare

"After listening to some music via Bluetooth from my phone, in my opinion the over all sound and sound imaging is one of the best I heard in the Hi-Fi category not to mention that it's a complete wireless "sound bar" system."

Z. Horvarth

"I just watched Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with Dolby True HD Atmos, and you couldn't tell where my speakers were, sound came from..."


"Even at low volume and in my ****ty room for this system, I definitely could "hear" the drops falling from the ceiling."


"I have to admit it sounds damn impressive, Definitely better than the previous top Shockwafe."

J. Vance

"Ok, so first impressions now and I've had a little time to hook up and test the Dragon. WOW!!! Simply put... just WOW!!! I'm speechless."

J. Kemp

"Mainly this system sounds better than anything I have had and basically saved me 5k for the system I was putting together before I found out this existed."


"John Wick, Avatar, and Unbroken all again were very immersive in sound and height in artifacts I never heard before and likely didn't catch in the theater as well.."


"I am picky with sounds. I came from a JBL 9.1 and I enjoyed it very much. But as we all did, we just fell in love with Dragon and here we are today."

J. Chavez

"The Dragon is for real. I have Bass like never before. It vibrates my feet and my chest at 15. The surrounds are on point. I’m a happy camper right..."

C. Lyon

"I also popped in Transformers and the first 20 minutes or so. There is a scene where the glass shatters, it was just amazing how the dragon handles that scene."

G. O. Marine

"Sounds amazing at both loud and low volumes. The height effects is present and loud, very immersive."

Thang Vu

"Once you have the Dragon in your room and dialed in the calibrations, you will conclude it was worth it. I have been an AVR user, always felt soundbars would never be able to do what an AVR does."


Reviews from DRAGON Owners

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