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Redefining Audio Expectations

11.4.6 ChannelsChannels
Dolby Atmos
31 Speaker DriversSpeaker Drivers
Quad SubwoofersQuad Subwoofers
7 Air Motion Tweeters7 Air Motion Tweeters
140 Pounds of PowerPounds of Power
15 Digital Amplifiers15 Digital Amplifiers
3000W 125 dB
Omni Motion Wireless SurroundsOmni-Motion Wireless Surrounds
Perfect Height MechanismPerfectHeight Mechanism
6 Height Speakers6 Height Speakers
Adaptive Height DispersionAdaptive Height Dispersion







Undoubtedly the best "sound bar" system on the market today. I say "sound bar" lightly as this performs significantly better than any other I've heard and it operates closer to a component system. A few weeks ago I had recently purchased Sonos Arc, 2x - Sub, and Era 300's, but was never happy with the audio for the price.

Keith S.

Coming from a Samsung Q990b, I can confidently say the Dragon blows the socks off the Samsung. Every type of media from streaming to physical to gaming is substantially better with meatier bass and extremely crisp center channel.


The Nakamichi Dragon doesn't get featured in many soundbar showdowns because its quality performance and price because it has no peers. It's more expensive, but it still offers great value.


Having said that, threw Ghostbusters Afterlife in the 4K Blu ray player (movie also 4k) and I'm pretty sure I had a Dragongasm lol. There were a couple of parts that literally scared me (actually jumped and heart race sped up). I wasn't scared of the movie but the sound and bass buzzed my entire body.

Matt F.

My wife is currently watching Taylor Swift in the movie room and I can't lie. It sounds incredible.

Matt J.

Fantastic for 85in tv and below. Sound is crisp, surround sound and atmos is par with an avr system.

Angelo R.

I received one of the 1st 500 and have enjoyed it throughly with no regrets or buyers remorse! This has the Dolby Atmos and DTS-X Pro that is installed in more expensive AVR's and the 1st "Soundbar" system that has it at this time.

Ron W.

I have had the Nak 11.4.6 system since first 500 produced and love it ! I replaced my Sony ST-500 with this and the difference is night and day...


I will say this is the best sounding system I have ever heard. I have never felt so involved in the movie I was watching and anyone who I have shown it off to are just Stunned! Its so much fun watching the look on their faces of pure Amazement!

Daniel N.

This system gives me so much joy and at times makes me feel like a kid again and that is worth more than anything else.

Prashanth S.

The sound goes up to 100 and I never go past volume 14. I also keep the bass at level 5 of 10 to not destroy my house. I am already shaking the room at these levels lol. I have also never heard so much crystal clear dialog through a center channel before this system.

Aaron M.

I know there are a lot of people who have separated speakers and a/v equipment but for a surround sound system/soundbar hybrid system, the Nakamichi Dragon is amazing! I just can't believe how well it upmixes stereo content on youtube into Dolby surround sound content... It even creates believable height effects for the atmos height channels.

Aaron M.

Yeah I gotta say trued on Saving private ryan was insane. You feel like your landing in the beaches of Normandy that day.


This dragon is scary. My kids looking all over the room for airplanes, birds, crashing sounds braking glass getting scared. At 13 the house is full of bass and I haven't done playing with the settings. Just transferred mv bose into the bedroom and mv wife ask if I'm turning the entire house into a movie studio

Natural Black

But on firing up DRAGON the observation was the main overall sound quality, depth and precision of its sound stage is of outstanding quality. (Almost pin point accuracy which is excellent for horror)

Brian W.

So I wanted to go for full immersion and watched Extraction 2 on 30 in the middle of the day to not disturb anyone. It was awesome, and I got so lost in it that I didn't hear the doorbell or the phone. Finally some guy 5 apartments over pounded on my door saying that the pictures were shaking on his walls.


I did replaced my old 5.2.4 home theater. Denon AVR X4300H. When DRAGON's playing a movie there's absolutely nothing that I regret about it. The clarity, the dynamics the WOW effects are way better than my old system specially a lower volume but every space is different. I have 8' ceiling and the atmos effects are Amazing.


Replaced a Denon paired to five Infinity speakers and two subs with a Klipsch cinema 1200 with an additional R12-SW. Sound was great but poor Atmos effect. The Dragon is superior on all aspects, speaker placement and tuning is crucial but the results of your efforts will be satisfying.

T. Sweeney

I'm a former Sonos arc sound bar with two subs and two era 300 and yes they are great but when you put everything together the dragon slayed the Sonos arc. The dragon give that WOW reaction and sound effects and fidelity that my old Sonos system didn't.


Today I said good by to a long time friend..no longer gonna deal with all that my Dragon has Steamlined my Audio/Video life! I gave away my Denon Receiver and the Kip speakers with it to a buddy.

M. S. Bishop

Dragon is a flagship product and provides a Flagship experience, in my opinion! The other option is often thousands of dollars to do it right.


We qot the chance to watch the 4k blu-ray of Oppenheimer. The whole reason I bought a Dragon and renovated our family room was wanting to be able to get as close as I could to the feeling I had during the trinity-est scene in theaters. The Dragon absolutely nailed it, I swear I could feel the air moving.

T. Field

I seriously felt as if I was in an actual movie theatre. I never had a true AVR system as I know for what I would want, it could easily exceed the cost of the DRAGON by 4-5 times the cost. I'm still kinda buzzing after experiencing this products output. I am now very happy that I took the chance to purchase it.

E. Riker

My wife and daughter listening to Taylor Swift songs all day and now my son playing video games. They said that my old system got nothing on this one. We all are enjoying the dragon.

N. Rivera

For those who are still waiting on dragon 1 watching "Godzillla-King of Monsters B" on Netflixis bliss. I change the title after watching. Dragon - King of AVR/Soundbars

సాగర్ సంతోష్

Watched The Creator with the Dragon fully calibrated yesterday. Mind-blown! The Atmos effects on that movie were off the charts.

P. Joe

Watched Netflix Movie "Lone Survivor" with Mark Wahlberg. Volume was 24 in my house. Hurt my neck and back when a couple of explosions literally made me leap off the couch and take cover. Completely unexpected bombs were so convincing, I didn't know what was crashing down all around me.

T. Huber

Just amazing! No words! You have to listen to believe it! The demo just scared everyone in the house and my wife came running to the living room from her bedroom saying that she heard planes flying above the house! Atmos on this is unreal! Great job Dragon Nakamichi! This is the real deal!

B. Philip

And now let me tell all of you, the Dragon is for real. I have Bass like never before. It vibrates my feet and my chest at 15. The surrounds are on point. I'm a happy camper right now. For those of you that haven't received yours, be prepared for a real treat. You won't be disappointed.

C. Lyon

Just got done setting up my Dragon and played with it for about an hour. I haven't had a chance to tune it to my room or anything, but it sounds amazing to me. I played 6 underground from Netflix and felt like I was in a theater. Looking forward to spending more time in front of it!

D. Blair

This is the 1st system that I've actually had to turn the center channel down because the dialog is so clear and I watch it at higher volume than most (20-30). The subs are vibrating all kinds of crap in my house, light fixtures, cabinets, water cooler, and my neighbors hear it all the time!

T. Ziemba

I have had my Dragon for a month now and it has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I have yet to really find any fault in it. What I thought possible has had its bar raised by the Dragon. I have no desire to even look to upgrade as I know I would be disappointed! I am a proud Dragoneer!

D. Newhouse

Coming from the Sony HT-A9, I'll say the things I have been happiest with so far are 1) much better overhead effects in games and movies, and 2) the ability to turn off all 360 processing and EQs and sound matrixing. My turntable sounds great playing through just the stereo fronts and sub.

C. Thomas

the clarity outside is unlike anything that I've heard from anyone's home system. I closed the door to just that room and my entire house was vibrating and rattling everything that wasn't glued or nailed down¦ I am so impressed

D. Gallagher

With the Dragon system my dog's hearing all kinds of sounds that don't come through a tv. Watching her ears perk up and go back then perk up again all while she moves her head back and forth depending on which speaker is putting out the noise. Guess I'm not the only one enjoying the Dragon.

J. Kemp

Just got 2005 King Kong (Peter Jackson) 4K UHD off Amazon and the DTS-X sounds amazing on the Dragon. The scenes on top of the Empire State Building close to the end of the movie are very immersive with the airplanes attacking Kong. And the DTS-X Pro decoding on the Dragon is something to be experienced.

J. Rider

I recieved my Dragon and purchased the Sonos bundle. Sonos is impressive with its atmos bubble and mid base. But it's volume was suprisingly not there! Enough to say it was an absolute deal breaker. If I played the Sonos at 70, it would be like playing the dragon at 17!

D. Bellone

I have Sony HTST9, ST5000, Z9F, LG S95QR, Samsung Q90R, and once had Sennheiser Ambeo Max. Out of all of these soundbars, dialogue is super clear like you are in a theater 🙂 Not only that, atmos experience is nowhere compared to any of them!

J. Shasha

Wow. I haven't watched 2001 A Space Odyssey in a long time. I also have a LG OLED. The combination of the two made it like watching the movie for the first time all over again. The intro music was amazing. The cinematography takes on a whole new feel, better than I remember. Wow. Wow. Wow.

K. Pauley

I watched Dune with zero calibration and the system is outstanding. Immersive and crystal clear. I have 10' ceilings and the room is 30 plus feet by 16'. It's 100 percent worth the buy. I'm giving my pioneer elite system to my mom.

D. Asher

Better than the Sonos in every way and better than a lot of dedicated AVR systems. The dragon is so encompassing with sound coming from every direction. The dragon has definite channel separation where you can hear things coming from different locations.

J. Miller

NNoow the dragon 🐉 woke up cant express in words. Now my huge living room turned into a 🎦 theater. It shakes my 1st floor at volume 🔊 20 if I stream any dolby content movies 🎬 from any streaming (Netflix/Disney). It's the best and worth of each penny. Hats off to the great minds behind this development of beast of sound 📢.

సాగర్ సంతోష్

It was easy to set up and had a far better setup/install experience than the Bose or Q990c. The interface of the app and the on-screen display accommodate my vision limitation as far as the LED display on the bar. When the Dragon was powered on and the demo played, it shook my place; the lights were blinking.

T. MacNeill

Honestly it's amazing. I don't have space or want the complexity of an AVR system. That should not prevent me from the top of the line sound. Having this system, that is now what it have. It is the best of the best period. Be secure that you have made an AMAZING decision.

J. Vance

Most of us that had traditional AVR systems would say the dragon is better in every way, but if you had a high end system with ceiling mounted speakers then probably not. It's much better (clearer, louder, more immersive) than my last AVR which was Klipsch Reference.

T. Ziemba

I like the bass to hit when it is needed, not all the time. Some folks like heavy bass all the time, for me it is more of a surprise. When it hits, it hits hard and I notice it. Was watching 6 Underground tonight and when the ship was magnetized, you felt it.

K. Pauley

I was playing mad max for my parents last night while I was upstairs doing laundry. Had the dragon set to 18 volume. The sound was filling the whole freakin house! Bass was rattling the floor. I was like hell yeah!!

O. Gomez

I have mine connected to a LG C2 using a high end spec PC. No cut outs, way more immersive, better sound details, simple installation and finally I can hear the upward firing of the back speakers. PC games sound 10+. Sound is amazing even listening to Two Steps From Hell on YouTube.


I own the Samsung/harman kardon HW-N950 and the Samsung Q990C. I thought I had two killer systems, the best I had heard until...well now They are but a mere dribble of weat off the Dragons brow. I have a hard time putting into words how much better the Dragon is than these two clowns.

E. Foiles

First impressions, all I can say is wow just wow nakamichi has created the greatest experience in the world please keep in mind. All I have to say this system smokes and I mean it, smokes every single thing on the market. Nakamichi has left me speechless.

T. Faia

In my estimation, the Nakamichi 11.4.6 is the C8 Corvette of soundbars. This equipment can be owned by anyone with the purse strings to accommodate it while behaving in the manner that best suits the skills and desires of the owner.

W. Head

Every song I hear sounds like it's the first time I've heard it...every movie even the ones I've seen a million times is a whole new experience each time.

E. Foiles

I really have to say, the Dragon blew me away. The demo was a nice start and hearing the race scene in Ready Player One felt like I was in an IMAX theater.


This is the best of the best. Period. It is knocking on the door and passing a lot of AVR systems.

J. Vance

I am getting more enjoyment in my mini master bedroom home theater then I am from my $40,000 plus basement "real home theater".

K. Grizz

I've enjoyed it so much that on Sunday I bought one for my son as a Christmas present.

K. Grizz

This is the first soundbar ( yes I know it's not a soundbar) that I have owned that rivals my separate component system musically. On to more listening. ZERO DISSAPOINTMENTS


The Dragon BLOWS my q990 which it replaced away in every way and I haven't touched ANY settings yet. The sound is How do I describe it ... full. Just wonderfully full.


I have to say...The Dragon actually makes me feel like a child again..the fun is BACK!

D. Newhouse

This Dragon is a beast... A beautiful sounding beast.

Bob GB

Still the best overall home theater experience I've had in 20 years in the hobby. Enjoy!

J. Dayao

The Dragon makes old movies new again, so awesome and so enjoyable, it really is an AVR/ Soundbar hybrid like nothing else out there!

C. Castello

I don't think I've been more excited about something arriving since my daughter was born almost 18 years ago!!!

Mky Kim

The system is extremely powerful, awesomeness at its finest.

T. Faia

Phenomenal game too! Dragon makes games sound their absolute best! Ultimate gaming!

D. Ecker

My son played starfield the other day, and for the first time in years, after hearing starfield on the dragon... He took his headphones off and gamed to the end

J. Swapp

The Dragon brought The Island 2005 to life like I've never seen. Jaw dropping!

T. Ziemba

I'm more than happy with it. Especially with the amount of space I saved up.

B. Klmnop

Anything above 25 and my neighbours are calling the cops.

J. Hill

The clarity is unreal, particularly for sports and dialog for non atmos content. The Dragon is like watching a movie for the first time again in the theatre. It's that good.

M. Kertcher

Holy cow! Netflix 4k Atmos, 6 Underground, Volume 48, Shakes my couch like nothing else! Phenomenal!!

T. Huber

Nothing else made has the clarity of the Dragon at any volume that I've seen. The dragon can do stuff that will amaze you. You'll see when it arrives.

T. Zimba

I had Arc + Gen 3 Sub + One SL rears. I am by no means an expert or an audiophile, my humble opinion is that Dragon shits on Arc all day long.

P. Shiva

Friend of mine went to Maneskin concert in Nashville last night. He used Decibel X app from iTunes Store. The loudest he recorded was 111.9 db. Dragon is louder at only 48%.

T. Huber

When it hits, it hits hard and I notice it. Was watching 6 Underground tonight and when the ship was magnetized you felt it.

K. Pauley

All I can say is holy F$@k! My bass concerns as compared to my Klipsch 1200 with a second sub (reference R12SW) was unfounded.

T. Sweeney

I'm so amazed to say that out of the box the bass can actually be too loud LOL

K. Hng

Just got my Dragon a couple of hours ago. Right out of the box, no calibrations, or anything. All I can say is FANTASTIC. I'm watching the opening scene from Unbroken. The Dragon surpasses my 9.2.4 Shockwafe system already and I've done no calibrations. Christmas is here.

J. Pope

I love this system. I have gone through so many top of the line at home theater systems and been disappointed at varying levels. The Dragon is the only one I have not found a flaw or weakness in yet. It is so clear it makes everything and I mean literally everything else pale in comparison.

J. Vance

Very impressed with how much better the Dragon sounds than my previous HT-A9, and extremely happy to be able to connect my turntable and regain access to my collection of SACDs and DVDAs (A9 didn't have the DRM for those). Listened to the new Handsome Ghost album in stereo at volume 10 and it sounded fantastic.


I was expecting it to be better than anything I've ever had in the past but this system is in a league of its own! It's straight out of the box and I already feel like I never want to step foot in a theater again.

J. Kemp

My demo sounded good right out of the box. The jet taking off and flying overhead was crazy! I've found so far most of my listening has been at 10 or less. I did crank to 15 for the jet but thought the dogs were going to go through the walls trying to get out of the way!


I don't think you guys are prepared for how well the dragon does in terms of 3d audio. I watched prince of Egypt on 4k blu ray using dts x pro. Water effects towards the end truly felt like they were splashing off the ceiling and completely engulfing the sides of me when Moses split the sea in two.


I have to admit it sounds damn impressive. Definitely better than the previous top Shockwafe.

J. Vance

I ... have never heard sound like this except in our local theater.


Sonic bliss in a box. Effortless, detailed, balanced and immersive sound is what you get with the Dragon. It is in a class of its own.

C. Castello

Sounds amazing at both loud and low volumes. The height effects is present and loud, very immersive. The clarity of voice is great

Thang Vu

DRAGON Owners' Dens


Pound for Pound: The Undisputed Champion

Benchmarked against:


^MSRPs for Soundbars, AVRs and S Audio Processor with 16+2 ch of amplification, as of July 2023. For AVRs and Processor + Amplifier Setup, price excludes speakers and subwoofers.

Main Unit

The new reference for Plug-and-Play home cinema

14 speaker drivers powered by 7 digital amplifiers are embedded into a stainless steel 58" casing, complete with 116,000 airflow-optimized holes and waterfall-chamfered edges.

58'' Stainless Steel Chassis

The expansive one-piece structure enables optimal air volume for each driver to achieve maximum acoustic performance, replicating a true-to-life grand soundstage of a cinema or concert hall.

Wireless Quad Subwoofers

Quadrupling the impact and BASS felt

Each wireless enclosure packs a pair of 8" subwoofers in a dual-opposing configuration, unlocking maximum kinetic energy in a compact footprint with limitless placement options.

Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds

Unprecedented 3D Realism in every direction

Weighing almost 9 pounds each, these wireless surrounds integrate side, rear, and height channels together to deliver a level of multi-directional sound quality that far exceeds any competition.

Air Motion Transformer (AMT)
Using the same AMT tweeters as the main unit, even the most minute micro effects are replicated with pinpoint accuracy, enveloping the audience with convincing details that stimulate all senses.
360o Surround Bubble
Side and rear drivers emanate surround audio in multiple directions, reinforcing the omni-directional cinema experience you dream about.

Unparalleled Heights

PerfectHeight Mechanism

Our simple innovation enables the 3' upfiring drivers to be rotated up to 180 degrees to deliver the most optimal height effects angle to the listener, regardless of room shape, seating position, and speaker orientation.

6 Upfiring Speakers

Perfect Height Mechanism

Experience lifelike height effects moving above and beyond your listening area, powered by 6 x 3' upfiring speakers including the dual-angled configuration in the main unit.

Adaptive Height Dispersion Technology

Experience height effects tailored to your listening environment. Our processing technology focuses, expands and intensifies the height soundscape, re-enacting the action right above your listening area.


Deliver height performance like the movie director intended.

Limitless Connectivity

For Home Theaters and Avid Gamers

With HDMI eARC support, enjoy full-quality lossless audio from devices connected to the TV. The 3 HDMI inputs expand connectivity options for the most demanding home theaters, with cutting edge 4K120/8K video passthrough (VRR, ALLM and FRL) supported. Together with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and video upscaling capabilities, experience every aural and visual detail from your content in true, authentic form.

thumb 1thumb 1thumb 1thumb 1thumb 1thumb 1
Main Unit Top Down

Exquisite Control

Aluminum-brushed Bluetooth and IR Remote

Harnessing the convenience of Bluetooth, the full-featured 43-key backlit remote enables seamless control from almost any corner of the room, no line of sight required. Be transported to a movie theater or concert with a touch.


Large color-coded,
thumb-sized backlit buttons
enable precise control.


Adjust advanced configuration and calibration settings with ease.


Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X deliver full surround and height soundscape. Or switch to proprietary Studio Mode for enhanced front presence.

True Subwoofer Control

Scale back the number of
subwoofers active during midnight
movie binges.

Adaptive Height Dispersion

Tailor the height experience to your listening environment, with AHD Focal, Wide and Max.

TV OSD Top Down

On-Screen Display (OSD) and Remote App

Embark on a user-friendly journey with the OSD and mobile app, thoughtfully designed by our engineering and customer excellence teams. Going beyond conventional engineering approaches, we have meticulously crafted features that prioritize seamless navigation and effortless usability, ensuring an experience that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Dragon App
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DRAGON Accessories

Main Unit Wall Mount

Main Unit Wall Mount

Flush-mount the main unit to the wall with our stainless steel wall mount, designed with slots for cable pass-through. Mounting hardware (screws and anchors) included.

Dimension (L x W x H)/Weight(lbs):
33.7" x 7.1" x 2.6"/4.2 lbs

MSRP $79

Main Unit Wall Mount

Surround Speakers Wall Mounts (Set of 2)

Elevate your entertainment setup with our space-saving stainless steel mounts, designed to affix your surround speakers to the wall. Mounting hardware (screws and anchors) included.

Dimension (L x W x H)/Weight(lbs):
3.2" x 7.1" x 3.8"/2.4lbs

MSRP $45

Speaker Stands Img

Speaker Stands (Set of 2)

Fashioned from heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel, these 46-pound premium matte stands are the only podiums befitting for DRAGON.

Our designers went above and beyond to ensure a seamless integration with your DRAGON Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds. The stainless steel top plates fit perfectly with the rounded contours of the pentagonal-shaped speakers, resulting in a finish so clean and flawless.

Stability? These stands redefine its meaning. Relish zero wobbles and vibrations once you place your speakers on these beauties. The integrated wire management system seals the deal. No more tangled messes or unsightly wires ruining your stylish setup. These stands have got your back, ensuring a sleek and minimalist appearance.

Dimension (L x W x H)/Weight(lbs):
11.2" x 11.2" x 37.6"/46.4lbs

MSRP $399


User Manual

Support Handbook
Specifications & FAQ

Specifications & FAQ

Shaped by the future, the forward-thinking design of the Dragon 11.4.6 Home Surround Sound System puts it in a league of its own.
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