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Nakamichi DRAGON 11.4.6
Home Surround Sound System


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Digital Trends World Premiere Review

Highlights of Caleb's Review

Overall: "DRAGON is an enthusiast's rig…between the fidelity, the bass control, the more refined top end and the open natural mid-range, it just delivers more aspects of audio quality that I think audiophiles are looking for."
Overall: "If that next level sound quality is what you desire and you're down to pay for it, the DRAGON delivers."
Atmos & Power: "I found it did a great job with Atmos effects even when ceiling reflection wasn't possible oh and…the DRAGON can just get bonkers loud without distortion. It is a notably more powerful system than the Sonos."
Control: "It's got a lot of playback and listening options, it has granular controls; it's basically the closest to an AVR and speaker system in that regard that we've seen from a one box home theater."
Audio Fidelity: "DRAGON just sounds effortless and easy compared to the Sonos system I think this is most obvious in the treble region… DRAGON is just smoother, more natural, more realistic."
Music: "I prefer the DRAGON by a fairly wide margin, have a listen yourself. The DRAGON just offers better stereo separation and more natural fidelity and there are more options in how you listen… you get tons of detail and texture but it's never too aggressive."
Movies: "DRAGON is actually able to pull off a deeper sound field behind you and the fidelity of those movie tracks is to my taste, superior to that of the Sonos."

What DRAGON Owners are Saying

The airplane demo blew anything I heard on the a9 out of the water in terms of 3d audio.No other speaker I have tried including Sony Ht-a9 and Samsung q990b can provide this much accuracyin termsof placement.I don't think you guys are prepared for how well the dragon does in terms of 3d audio. I watched Prince of Egypt on 4K blu ray using dts x pro. Water effects towards the end truly felt like they were splashing off the ceiling and completely engulfing the sides of me when Moses split the sea in two.

- soggyminimuffin, DRAGON Owner

John Wick, Avatar, and Unbroken all again were very immersive in sound and height in artifacts I never heard before and likely didn't catch in the theater as well.. another benefit to this system has changed the way that my wife listens to TV shows; where 100% of the time she would need the subtitles on to follow the dialog. I would now say that oftentimes she forgets that the subtitles are not there as the voices are very clear and present.

- MaXaZoR, DRAGON Owner

Quad subs are next level - Previous system was Denon with ELAC speakers, Sub and Center with Definitive Surrounds - Honestly the Dragon is next level in comparison to that system and the Denon setup I had before that. It sounds better than my previous two systems put together. They (DRAGON Concierge) have been great, While I know we are not talking to the CEO it almost feels like it in how they respond to requests and what they share.

- Burz, DRAGON Owner

In short, I am listening the world in a new dimension.

Watched the clips that are mentioned on the dragon site and they are truly exceptional in terms of immersion around you and height effects…. For the first time I am sensing the height effects…

- aviratasiksana, DRAGON Owner

But the ease of the setup, how it fills my not perfect room, the smiles I get from the wife and kids watching movies, after taxes, this is almost $4k that has given nothing but smiles to my family and myself.Even at low volume and in my ****ty room for this system, I definitely could "hear" the drops falling from the ceiling.

- Puckhead18, DRAGON Owner

I originally saw this movie (Blade Runner 2049) at a high end theater and was blown away by the soundtrack. I am in awe that I am able to recreate a very similar experience at home with the DRAGON. The out of box experience is impressive… So far I'm impressed with the system and haven't experienced any wireless connection issues.

- Mlongbsa, DRAGON Owner

There is no competition when you come from a soundbar-like system! I had the full-blown Sonos system. Arc, two 3rd gen subs, and two Fives as surround speakers (I even replaced the Fives with the Era 300s when the Era came out). The Sonos is a great system, but does not come close to the sound clarity, the sub sound quality, and the surround speakers on the Dragon. The 3D effects and the HIGHTS are uncompairable between the two.

Such an excellent system right out of the box!

- Nickname5217, DRAGON Owner

I can safely say the Dragon is on an entirely different level than the A9. It is not close. The Dragon is extraordinary!

- natiahs, DRAGON Owner

To my ears music is better than any sound bar I've tested. Audio is clearer than Samsung 990b/c.

- batmanisme, DRAGON Owner

The dragon sounds amazing. Even better than I thought it would. This goes head to head with his dedicated av separates home theater.

- N Patel, DRAGON Owner

Now to Dragon. It is pristine. Craftsmanship is through the roof. Sounds are meaty, yet clean. There is more midrange and more bass than the Sonos, basically Dragon trounces Sonos in every way except that bubble at lower sound volumes. Dragon wants to be played loudly and when you do it is all encompassing. You will hear sound from overhead, from the side walls, rears, all around. You will be consumed. It 100% feels like a theater experience in my home.

- Chabber, DRAGON Owner

Just finished installing my dragon and I'm impressed. The sound is impeccable. I'm loving it so far. Before purchasing the dragon I owned a sennheiser ambeo sound bar and that doesn't come close to the dragon. The dragon is in a league of its own. I'm watching transformers beasts and I feel like I'm at the theater even my wife is impressed and trust me that's not an easy task.I haven't even finished calibrating yet but all I can say is wow!! Was definitely worth the long wait.

- J. B. Williams, DRAGON Owner

I am picky with sounds. I came from a JBL 9.1 and I enjoyed it very much. But as we all did, we just fell in love with Dragon and here we are today. The mids and highs are crips. Like really good. It's almost as if your ears have to get used to hearing this type of clarity.

- J. Chavez, DRAGON Owner

After listening to some music via Bluetooth from my phone, in my opinion the over all sound and sound imaging was one of the best I heard in the Hi-Fi category not to mention that it's a complete wireless "sound bar" system. If you are looking for more you will have to go to the Audiophile world.

- Z. Horvath, DRAGON Owner

I 100% feel like I have a home theater now. The Dragon f*cking rocks! Watching Extraction 2 on Netflix. I might rip my roof off if I don't turn it down!

- J. J. Svare, DRAGON Owner

I have to admit it sounds damn impressive, Definitely better than the previous top Soundwafe.I am watching a not so great stream of Last Voyage of the Demeter and it sounds crazy good. I am only 10-15 minutes in.


- J. Vance, DRAGON Owner

I haven't had a chance to tune it to my room or anything, but sounds amazing to me. I played 6 Underground from Netflix and felt like I was in a theater. Looking forward to spending more time in front of it.

- D. Blair, DRAGON Owner

Just got my Dragon a couple of hours ago. Right out of the box, no calibrations, or anything. All I can say is FANTASTIC. I'm watching the opening scene from Unbroken. The Dragon surpasses my 9.2.4 Shockwafe system already and I've done no calibrations. Christmas is here.

- J. Pope, DRAGON Owner

Ok, so first impressions now and I've had a little time to hook up and test the Dragon. WOW!!! Simply put... just WOW!!! I'm speechless. I was expecting it to be better than anything I've ever had in the past but this system is in a league of its own! I haven't even spent anytime fine tuning anything yet. It's straight out of the box and I already feel like I never want to step foot in a theater again.

- J. Kemp, DRAGON Owner

My demo sounded good right out of the box. The jet taking off and flying overhead was crazy! I've found so far most of my listening has been at 10 or less. I did crank to 15 for the jet but thought the dogs were going to go through the walls trying to get out of the way! I'll have to remember not to crank it up with the doggo's in the room.

- eric_n_spear, DRAGON Owner

There is no soundbar I've ever heard that I would even waste time comparing to the Dragon. This system exceeds my last AVR system (Klipsche Reference DTS, THX Dolbt Digital 5.1 but not Atmos with various receivers (Denon, and Onkyo)).

- basictek, DRAGON Owner

I previously had a LG SK8YG Soundbar (5.1.2) and Dragon is on another level. It's not even a contest. I am constantly amazed by the sound quality of the system. The surrounds sound excellent and are perfectly matched to the rest of the system. The sound this monster produces is so crystal clear - it's really unbelievable! I can't describe how great the Dragon is for dialogue in movies, but also vocals in music. I listened to a lot of Spatial Audio/Atmos music via an Apple TV 4K and it was like listening to some songs again for the first time.

- JRinSeattle, DRAGON Owner

And now let me tell all of you, the Dragon is for real. I have Bass like never before. It vibrates my feet and my chest at 15. The surrounds are on point. I’m a happy camper right now.

- C. Lyon, DRAGON Owner

I have tested Chapter 2 of Ready Player One, (Racing Scene) at volume 30 and it was incredible the Atmos was incredible the bass was good. Remember this is coming from a person coming from a 1st gen Sonos. I have nothing to compare it to regarding the Atmos. The sound is just crisp and clear. It filled the entire room. I’m really impressed.

- G. O. Marine, DRAGON Owner

I have tested Chapter 2 of Ready Player One, (Racing Scene) at volume 30 and it was incredible the Atmos was incredible the bass was good. Remember this is coming from a person coming from a 1st gen Sonos. I have nothing to compare it to regarding the Atmos. The sound is just crisp and clear. It filled the entire room. I’m really impressed.

- G. O. Marine, DRAGON Owner

it sounds great. I really enjoy watching movies and show. Sounds amazing at both loud and low volumes. The height effects is present and loud, very immersive. The clarity of voice is great

- Thang Vu, DRAGON Owner

once you have the Dragon in your room and dialed in the calibrations, you will conclude it was worth it. I have been an AVR user, always felt soundbars would never be able to do what an AVR does. But i have never had the funds or the room config for a true surround sound setup.

- trekkerxp, DRAGON Owner

Pound for Pound: The Undisputed Champion

Benchmarked against:


^MSRPs for Soundbars, AVRs and S Audio Processor with 16+2 ch of amplification, as of July 2023. For AVRs and Processor + Amplifier Setup, price excludes speakers and subwoofers.

Main Unit

The new reference for Plug-and-Play home cinema

14 speaker drivers powered by 7 digital amplifiers are embedded into a stainless steel 58" casing, complete with 116,000 airflow-optimized holes and waterfall-chamfered edges.

58'' Stainless Steel Chassis

The expansive one-piece structure enables optimal air volume for each driver to achieve maximum acoustic performance, replicating a true-to-life grand soundstage of a cinema or concert hall.

Wireless Quad Subwoofers

Quadrupling the impact and BASS felt

Each wireless enclosure packs a pair of 8" subwoofers in a dual-opposing configuration, unlocking maximum kinetic energy in a compact footprint with limitless placement options.

Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds

Unprecedented 3D Realism in every direction

Weighing almost 9 pounds each, these wireless surrounds integrate side, rear, and height channels together to deliver a level of multi-directional sound quality that far exceeds any competition.

Air Motion Transformer (AMT)
Using the same AMT tweeters as the main unit, even the most minute micro effects are replicated with pinpoint accuracy, enveloping the audience with convincing details that stimulate all senses.
360o Surround Bubble
Side and rear drivers emanate surround audio in multiple directions, reinforcing the omni-directional cinema experience you dream about.

Unparalleled Heights

PerfectHeight Mechanism

Our simple innovation enables the 3' upfiring drivers to be rotated up to 180 degrees to deliver the most optimal height effects angle to the listener, regardless of room shape, seating position, and speaker orientation.

6 Upfiring Speakers

Perfect Height Mechanism

Experience lifelike height effects moving above and beyond your listening area, powered by 6 x 3' upfiring speakers including the dual-angled configuration in the main unit.

Adaptive Height Dispersion Technology

Experience height effects tailored to your listening environment. Our processing technology focuses, expands and intensifies the height soundscape, re-enacting the action right above your listening area.


Deliver height performance like the movie director intended.

Limitless Connectivity

For Home Theaters and Avid Gamers

With HDMI eARC support, enjoy full-quality lossless audio from devices connected to the TV. The 3 HDMI inputs expand connectivity options for the most demanding home theaters, with cutting edge 4K120/8K video passthrough (VRR, ALLM and FRL) supported. Together with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and video upscaling capabilities, experience every aural and visual detail from your content in true, authentic form.

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Main Unit Top Down

Exquisite Control

Aluminum-brushed Bluetooth and IR Remote

Harnessing the convenience of Bluetooth, the full-featured 43-key backlit remote enables seamless control from almost any corner of the room, no line of sight required. Be transported to a movie theater or concert with a touch.


Large color-coded,
thumb-sized backlit buttons
enable precise control.


Adjust advanced configuration and calibration settings with ease.


Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X deliver full surround and height soundscape. Or switch to proprietary Studio Mode for enhanced front presence.

True Subwoofer Control

Scale back the number of
subwoofers active during midnight
movie binges.

Adaptive Height Dispersion

Tailor the height experience to your listening environment, with AHD Focal, Wide and Max.

TV OSD Top Down

On-Screen Display (OSD) and Remote App

(To be released in September 2023)

Embark on a user-friendly journey with the OSD and mobile app, thoughtfully designed by our engineering and customer excellence teams. Going beyond conventional engineering approaches, we have meticulously crafted features that prioritize seamless navigation and effortless usability, ensuring an experience that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Dragon App
Google PlayApp Store

DRAGON Accessories

Shipping Date: November 2023

Main Unit Wall Mount

Main Unit Wall Mount

Flush-mount the main unit to the wall with our stainless steel wall mount, designed with slots for cable pass-through. Mounting hardware (screws and anchors) included.

Dimension (L x W x H)/Weight(lbs):
33.7" x 7.1" x 2.6"/4.2 lbs

MSRP $79

Main Unit Wall Mount

Surround Speaker Wall Mounts

Elevate your entertainment setup with our space-saving stainless steel mounts, designed to affix your surround speakers to the wall. Mounting hardware (screws and anchors) included.

Dimension (L x W x H)/Weight(lbs):
3.2" x 7.1" x 3.8"/2.4lbs

MSRP $45

Speaker Stands Img

Speaker Stands

Fashioned from heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel, these 46-pound premium matte stands are the only podiums befitting for DRAGON.

Our designers went above and beyond to ensure a seamless integration with your DRAGON Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds. The stainless steel top plates fit perfectly with the rounded contours of the pentagonal-shaped speakers, resulting in a finish so clean and flawless.

Stability? These stands redefine its meaning. Relish zero wobbles and vibrations once you place your speakers on these beauties. The integrated wire management system seals the deal. No more tangled messes or unsightly wires ruining your stylish setup. These stands have got your back, ensuring a sleek and minimalist appearance.

Dimension (L x W x H)/Weight(lbs):
11.2" x 11.2" x 37.6"/46.4lbs

MSRP $399

Specifications & FAQ

Specifications & FAQ

Shaped by the future, the forward-thinking design of the Dragon 11.4.6 Home Surround Sound System puts it in a league of its own.
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